So our buddies at Comfort The Children have teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel and Whole Foods for some cool initiatives coming up. Keep your eyes peeled. 

If you havent heard of them CTC has created some amazing initiatives on education, environment, economy, health and community development in Kenya. They’re currently employing over 450 women, whom last year couldn’t afford to feed their families through the L.I.F.E. Line program. 

L.I.F.E. Line taps into the entrepreneurial spirit of the Kenyan textile industry, empowering those individuals living on the margins of society and provides the Western market with life enhancing fashion products.

Take Susan Njeri for example:

Before the launch of the L.I.F.E. Line, Susan struggled to provide food, clothing and shelter for her family.  The forty-four year-old mother of 7 children has not attended school past the 3rd grade. When she first joined the program, she said her greatest challenge was learning the math skills needed to calculate sewing measurements. Her persistence and hard work paid off, and she is now enjoying a successful sewing career. 

“I now own several cows and goats, my own personal sewing machine, and began construction on a new home, with electricity that I could not afford before”, said Susan.  

When asked about working with the L.I.F.E Line she said, “CTC came to save my life. Now my life and the lives of my family are secure.  The L.I.F.E. Line makes me feel sana mono” (very good; whole).

More on CTC:

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit that helps Kenyans build and manage the sustainable infrastructure necessary to meet the challenges of everyday life, employing over 60 local Kenyans and serving the 60,000 residents of Maai Mahiu in the Rift Valley.